I’ve been absent from my blog for avery long time. Well, my ADSL line has been going crazy lately. Not sure what was the cause but it is really very slow lately. The page just don’t display and it was like hanging till I can’t stand it. Then my computer also start hanging till I have to go for CTR, ALT & DEL.

Well, I’ve been slightly busy too watching some Hong Kong Series, like The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows Story, Catch me now and Best Selling Secret. As for movies, I hardly go to the cinema now since I have to study my Japanese Language every Sunday. I missed out Ironman which I heard very good. I only saw Indiana Jones which is not bad for a 60 over years old man. Good action, Creativity plus Hilarious.

I still need to go absent for a while as I’ve another blog to update, need to study my Japanese (haven’t even do my homework), got to clean up my house as it was a mess when Pat decided to close up the balcony and convert it to his computer room plus study room.


Brush Up my Updating

Gosh…it has been so long since I last update. Japanese Exam was over. Score wasn’t that bad but still have to stuck with the slower class as the class was splited into 2 language (when teaching time). One is in Mandarin Language and the other is Cantonese cum English Language.

Since I’m don’t understand much Mandarin, I’ll have to stay in the slower class that speaks Cantonese. Unfortunately, I intend to take the exam by end of this year. In order to do that, I need to study on my own. That’s why I hardly update my blog now. I guess, I can’t kill two birds with on stone as both uses hands & eyes. 🙂

I normally write my blogs & watch TV or chit chatting (MSN Messenger) at the same time but not for studying & writing. I guess I’ll have to spend some time updating at least once a week as my Page Rank is dropping from 6 to 5 now. Is not easy to earn the rank.


I’ve not been updating my blog as I’ve an Japanese Exam coming up this Sunday. Have been studying, yet it seems that nothing has goes in. I think most probably is age, slow in catching up or maybe is to stress at work?

Way back in 1993, when I studied my Japanses Language, I don’t have much problem except grammars. Now, simple vocalbulary also cannot memorise. How pityful.

Well, got to get back to my studies as tomorrow, I won’t be free. Going out for dinner to celebrate a friends birthday. Hope I pass and don’t have to stay in the slower class as I thought of taking my exam by end of this year. Gosh……

USB Drive/Thumbdrive

Over in Malaysia, we call it USB Thumb drive or Handy Drive but US called it USB Drive. I still remember when I first bought a 64MB Handy Drive, it cost us RM160 – 180 which was 7 – 8 years ago. That time, Apacer was very famous. My Apacer is actually still workable

Then I got a 1 GB Transcend for about RM88 which was 2 – 3 years ago and is a lifetime warranty. I quite like this brand has it has some special features like PC-Lock, Secure zip & etc.

Just 2 days ago, I bought a 4GB Transcend Thumb drive and it cost only RM49. Just imagine, over the past few years, the price has dropped so much from RM180 to Rm49. Pat asked me why don’t I get an 8GB as it costs only RM96.

I think by the time I required an 8GB, the price will be around RM40 or less & I only pay for RM90 for a 12GB (4GB + 8GB). I guess it will be much better.

Walking my Dogs

I’ve been a good girl last week few week as I took my dogs out for a walk. I hardly walk my dogs. I think having my first dog till now, I’ve walked them about 25 times, the most (after 5-6 years). When I first had Lilo, I did take her out for a walk without a lash. She just followed where I go & every-time she is either ahead or behind me within a distance, I’ll just call her and she will come running back to me.

I don’t walk them now is because there are too many cars, walkers or jogger. Not sure what has got into me, I’ve starter walking them back since last week and they enjoyed it & always looking forward. You can see them getting excited once I take their collars out. One thing I don’t like to take my dog for a walk is they poo at the wrong place.

The first 2 dags I walked was Maya & Angel, after such a long time. Over excited, Angel poos in front of a house. As you see, we Malaysian are not used to carrying disposable stuffs. I was so embarrassed & dumbfound. Lucky no one saw us. I quickly pulled both of them away as I do not know what to do. Shall I walk home & take some newspaper plus plastic bags to clean up? Even if I clean up, will the owner hates or yelled at me?

I decided to walk away and scolding Angel for simply doing her business at others people house. Anyway, I took Maya & Belle out for a walk again 2 days later. As we walked, both of them behaves so well. So, I decided to drop by at the park for a swing or rest. As we just enter the park (walking the pavement), Maya suddenly stopped & do her business. Oh gosh…..why are they doing this to me? This time, I wasn’t sure if anyone saw us or not as there were 2 adults & 2 children playing.

Again, I was stunned. I do not know if I continue entering the park or walk out. I paused for a while & decided to send them home. As we walked, we have crossed another dogs boundaries. The dog was barking & was on loose. I quickly pull them and use another routine to return home as I do not want my dogs to have a fight.

I told all 4 of them, no more walking until the behaves. I stopped walking them for about 2-3 days as it rainned and not because I want to punish them. Then I took them out again. This time, Pat helps me to walk the other 2 & we walked 4 of them.

All 4 of them behaved very well. No doing business at the wrong place and it was a smooth journey except Maya keeps chewing the plant or the grass (her bad habits). Crossing other dogs territory & barking at us (manage to cross on time). It was a safe walking but somehow, unlucky for the dogs as it rained this few days. Can’t walk them.

New Movie – The Water Horse

There’s a new movie called Water Horse & the preview looks exciting. It was a Christmas movie, 2007 but now only showing in Malaysia (soon opening). Most Commented this movie, A Great Movie. So, don’t forget to bring your family along to see it. For preview, you need to click here as I can’t add the preview here.

For me, I can’t go for any movies lately as Sunday morning, my Japanese class starts at 11.45am. Normally I go for my movies on Sunday morning, catching the first show as not many people & also easy parking.

I guess I really miss out a lots of movies lately. I missed so much that I can’t recall which show I wanted to watch or buy. I only remember Game Plan, yet did not have time to buy it.

Read your Medicine Leaflets

When I was prescribed with some new medicines, I always read the instruction leaflets/insert. I even check what are the medicines give & side effects if there is no leaflets included.

Today, I was given Afrin Nasal Spray. According to the leaflet, it contains oxymetazoline & precautions is do not exceed the recommended dosage. This product may cause rebound congestion if used for longer than three days. However, my doctor asked me to puff 2 puffs a day for 2 weeks. I’m not sure to follow his prescription or to stop it after 3 days. I need to call my doctor tomorrow to reconfirm.